Genetically Engineered Salmon

genetically engineered salmon

Genetically Engineered Salmon? – No Franken-Salmon, Please!

I have to admit, it is a bit surprising to me to find myself siding with the likes of Eric Schlosser, the author of Fast Food Nation.  Not that I’m against some of what he discusses in his book – I just never thought of us truly on the same page.  But, the times they are a changing.  Outrage is growing (or so I hope).
He, along with Gary Hirshberg, chairman of Stonyfield Farm created a petition on that caught my attention.  Thankfully!

Genetically Engineered Salmon Consumption

The FDA is considering approving genetically engineered salmon for human consumption.  This is an amazing first step as it would be the first genetically engineered animal allowed for sale in the United States.
The salmon is engineered to produce growth hormones year-round that cause the fish to grow at twice the normal rate. I’m thinking Franken-Salmon!
If I am what I eat, do I want hormones that cause twice the normal growth rate?
But, if that doesn’t scare you, there still is no government requirement for labeling genetically modified foods.  More than forty countries, including Russia and China, require labels on genetically engineered food.  Who’s financially backing the decisions that allow the people in China, an openly censored communist government, more food freedoms than I have in America?

Genetically Engineered Salmon – Will It Create More Momentum For Mandatory Labeling?

The government already requires labels to tell us if fish is wild-caught or farm-raised—don’t we also have a right to know if we are eating genetically engineered salmon? Without labels, we’ll never know.
I want to know what I’m eating!  I want to know what I’m feeding my family!

Some polls show that more than 90% of Americans support mandatory labeling.  Why isn’t our government listening?  Is it because salmon don’t have a political action committee and can’t give enough dollars?



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