Giveaway – Attune Foods Breakfast Cereals

Giveaway: Three Great Breakfast Cereals

I’m always on the look out for great products that my readers might enjoy.  Even more exciting is when I find a fabulous product and the manufacturer is willing to offer a giveaway to my readers.  Today we have this wonderful pairing.  Through The Right Plan Attune Foods is offering a giveaway of three of their breakfast cereals.  Free is the best price when it’s the best products!

Giveaway: Attune Foods Cereals

So, let’s start with Attune Foods itself.  They are a smaller San Fransisco based company that produces all their products in the United States.  Yeah!  They own conventional brands like Uncle Sam Cereal (one of the giveaway cereals) and Skinner Raisin Brand (introduced in 1926).  They also own organic brands New Morning and Erewhon (the other two giveaway cereals).  Obviously I prefer organic whenever possible but taste is ultra important when it comes to a cereal.  I was fortunate enough to try the Crispy Brown Rice Cereal, the Corn Flakes Cereal, and good ol’ Uncle Sam Cereal.   giveaway

Giveaway: Uncle Sam Cereal

I was first introduced to Uncle Sam Cereal early in my life (maybe mid ’70s) although the cereal has been around since 1908.  I couldn’t find it at all grocery stores and it was always buried on the top left corner of the shelf.  I guess because it didn’t include a multi-colored animal picture or weird plastic toy.  The placement was very frustrating for a young child whose mother said I could have any cereal I wanted as long as sugar wasn’t one of the first three ingredients.  I needed to bring a ladder to the store to investigate the cereals I was allowed.  And now Attune is offering this giveaway to readers – no ladder needed.

Fast forward to the mid 1990’s when Uncle Sam Cereal reemerged in my life as part of some diet I was trying, maybe The Zone Diet? Because Uncle Sam Cereal is whole grain red winter wheat berries with flax seeds it was highly recommended to increase fiber and protein without excess sugar. Smart for a diet plan.

Fast forward again to a couple weeks ago when Attune Foods sent me these three cereals to try prior to determining the giveaway.  *Note: I won’t recommend something or agree to a giveaway unless the product matches my philosophy.  Here’s Uncle Sam Cereal again – it’s been a staple in my life repeatedly.

Giveaway: Packaged Cereals?

But, I must step back and say a few words about packaged cereals in general.  Not surprisingly, they aren’t a go-to food for me.  They are more of a snack treat or a breakfast when time and life are not coordinating.  That being said, we always have a couple boxes in the pantry.  We all need a safety net from time to time with our nutrition and Attune Foods makes that possible.  Yes, in my ideal utopia I soak or sprout my grains/nuts/seeds and make my own cereal, but life gets in my way sometimes (and I’m still on the waiting list for a room in utopia).  On those days, I’ve very thankful I have decent options.  And you can try them for free with this giveaway.


Giveaway: Erewhon Corn Flakes

Erewhon (pronounced Air-wahn) was named after a place in a 19th century novel by Samuel Butler.  It was a utopia where each person was responsible for his/her own health – not a bad concept.  Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve eaten anything like this and it was a real treat.  All three cereals were extremely tasty.  Due to the conventionally grown wheat, Uncle Sam Cereal would now be last on my list (oh how we continue to refine our nutritional analysis) but it was still just as tasty as always.  But, my son fell in love with the Corn Flakes, eating them plain with fruit, topping yogurt and ice cream with them, as well as eating them in a bowl with almond milk.  In fact, when I told him about the giveaway, he was concerned that he was going to have to share “his” box.

But the mother in me started reading the package.  Anything that tasted this good couldn’t be good for us, right?  Was I surprised to see organic, non-genetically modified corn, and sea salt.  Yes, there are only two ingredients in the Corn Flake Cereal!  I’m delighted!  Hallelujah – tasty and nutritious!  And now part of a giveaway to you.

All the Erewhon cereals have no synthetic additives or preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no hydrogenated or solvent extracted oils, no refined flour or sugar, and no complicated cereal production process.  There is also seven gluten free varieties  certified by GIG.  None of the cereals containe dairy, soy, peanuts, or tree nuts.  This giveaway is by a company that offers something for everyone.


Giveaway: Erewhon Cristy Brown Rice Cereal

Oh my gosh, real whole grain, with a touch of brown rice syrup and sea salt.  Again, organic, non-GMO!  Sure, I’m not a huge fan of the processing of rice to make it a puff but my husband decided to make homemade “rice crispy treats” and we were all sold.  Sometimes a treat in life makes everything else worthwhile.  Yes, it’s a healthier version of a bad food, but especially with young kids, you have to offer alternatives to the foods their friends are enjoying – Erewhon’s Crispy Brown Rice Cereal did just that, and this mother thanks them.  Again, yours to try free during this giveaway offer.

Giveaway: Enter Now

I noticed on the Attune Foods website that there were quite a few other products as well.  Most are organic, non-GMO with minimal ingredients.  So, as a nutritionist and mom, I have to recommend keeping some in the pantry, especially for those emergency days.  I know we sure will.  And I will be extremely grateful to have a quick option that is nutritious for my family.

Attune Foods is offering this giveaway so you can try these three breakfast cereals for free.  I’m honored to have The Right Plan provide this giveaway to you.

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