Rave Reviews

Kellie Hill at The Right plan has changed my life!

I never imagined that I would be eating my way thinner! In two months I have managed to loose a little over 16 pounds. I am actually looking forward to potentially hitting my goal of 35-40 pounds by July 1st. I only wish that you could hear the shock and amazement in my voice. I have done it by eating!! I eat every few hours and I am cooking hearty healthy meals that my family loves! No easy task because they are super picky. I used to think that if it was not a chicken nugget or a corn dog they would not touch it. Boy was I wrong. My family is eating brown rice, spinach, onions, garlic, quinoa, fish, brown rice pasta and more. I have more energy. I am a happier me!

Good food is out there! Starving yourself and counting calories or counting points is not what you have to do. Please do not think that I always eat super good. Last week I had the best concession style cheeseburger that I have ever had!

Kellie Hill at the Right Plan is the real deal with real results. 80% of the time eat healthy whole nutrient dense foods so 20% of the time you can eat that delicious cheeseburger or something else that you might think you love!

Jami Young

I hit a wall energy wise in the fall of 2009, after my first Olympic Duathlon. I started the year out unable to run even a mile, but by May, I had completed my first half-Marathon. I enjoyed the training and I thought this is fun, I could complete a duathlon and than do a triathlon. While training for the triathlon I found I was physically spent, I had a really high resting heart rate, I was dizzy when I stood up, I had a hard time focusing, etc. There was no denying it, I had Adrenal Burnout and pushing though it was not going to work in my favor. The recovery for Adrenal Burnout was not fun or easy for me. To heal and manage it effectively, requires time, the right supplements, smart nutrition and lifestyle changes. I needed Kellie's coaching and nutritional knowledge to get me through it, and she did!!! Kellie brought me through it and was there at the finish line when I finished my first Triathlon on September 11, 2011.

Tisa Cawthon

Monterey, CA

Kellie Hill and the Right Plan has been instrumental in helping me control my constant stomach distress. Kellie helped me make seemingly simple dietary adjustments which has made a world of difference. Her approach and assessment really worked for me and I would highly recommend anyone with health issues to have a chat with her...it is well worth it.

Mary Stokes

While there is no shortage of information regarding health and nutrition out there, it can be overwhelming sorting through it all. Since becoming a client at The Right Plan I have been able to conquer the confusion and make healthy choices a natural part of my day. Kellie has shown me nutritious foods that I never, ever, imagined I would eat that have become a regular staple in our house. I actually love to grocery shop now and I am proud to say there is virtually no processed food in my house. I highly recommend Kellie and the service she provides.

Kerri Misener

I've always believed that "we are what we eat" but was really confused by all the different articles and books I've read on the subject. I decided to see an expert in the field and that brought me to "The Right Nutrition Plan". Kellie has taught me which foods are best for me, how to prepare them properly and which supplements I need. The most exciting thing for me is my improved digestion. I didn't realize how important this is to your overall health. Today I have more energy, eat healthier, take fewer pills and my health is improving every day.

Kathy Blank

Rogue River, OR

I first visited Kellie because I was having trouble getting down to the weight I wanted to be - that last 10-15 pounds! In the process, she suggested, based on taking an incredibly detailed history, that she test me for the efficacy of the supplements I was taking, and we talked much about nutrition and diet. She is a miracle worker!!! Not only did she get me to drink, and enjoy beet juice (still a marvel to me) but I lost the rest of the weight, have kept it off, and love the nurturing way she does her magic! Thanks Kellie :).

Devon H


I like Kellie's approach to health, that less is more! She didn't overwhelm me with too many changes and I feel this allowed me to then forcus on the most important area's. Kellie's biggest asset by far is her ability to make you feel not only comfortable but that she really care's. All of these things really does help in changing one's habit's!

Donna Sproul

Working with Kellie provided self introspection on behaviors of mine that I had not considered before. She really takes the time to listen to your goals and making them work for you at a pace that is attainable. I have read and been given advice in the past, that in a perfect world may have worked, but not in my hectic world of full time work and an active daughter and family lifestyle needs to remain flexible.

Judy S


My motivation for seeking nutrition therapy was to feel better and find out what I was eating. The sessions and homework have been clear and easy to follow. I have never felt pressured to eat a certain way or avoid foods. I truly feel better eating foods wisely. It has been a wonderful learning experience. The bonus - I have lost 17 pounds without trying.

Sue M


I’ve struggled with my weight and nutrition my entire life. I really had no idea what I was putting into my body until I started working with Kellie. I’ve been working with Kellie for about three months and my life has completely changed for the better. My digestion problems are gone, my energy level has increased and the best part of all is that I started to lose weight. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is really ready for a life change, not a diet.

Shannon Spurlin


I am an active 74 year old man who benefitted from Kellie's personalized assessment of a variety of issues. I especially appreciated Kellie's thoughtful, measured approach to achieve the right nutrition for my particular body type. I highly recommend Kellie's services if you're looking for individual assessment and personalized treatment options.

Bud Holbrook

Medford, OR

I have grown to appreciate how medical science can be applied to help sustain life. It is this reason I seek the guidance of a Nutritionist, such as Kellie Kill who understands and applies the effects and functions of food on an individual basis. Kellie uses her skills and knowledge to provide a portfolio of each client solely to enhance their well-being. Kellie Hill’s statement, “Everything you eat has a purpose and a plan…make it your purpose and THE RIGHT PLAN!” sums it up.

Nichole Lott

Medford, OR

Kellie is a delight to work with and provided excellent strategies to help me reach my overall health and nutrition goals. She took the time to provide both nutrition education and my personalized plan to help me attain optimal health and energy!

Mary H

Central Point, Oregon

I’ve learned so much from Kellie and The Right Plan! I thought I was eating all the right foods, the low fat, low calorie and what I thought was balanced meals. Was I wrong. Kellie has set me on the right path to proper nutrition and eating the right food

Lea R

Medford, OR